Fall-Winter 14-15
Eugène R. has invited several personalities “ses muses” to create his forthcoming collection. Every « souliers » is crafted according to the desire of each personality and inspired by their first name. We cordially invite you to discover the models created for... 
Benefiting from renowned master craftsman, Eugène continues to add to the French “savoir-faire” tradition, convinced to preserve this unique art form...

For Autumn-Winter 14-15, Eugène Riconneaus nuances his work between high heels and sneakers by creating the over knee high sneakers, This design, which once again combines feminity and the world of skateboarding, is a prowess made from a single piece of lamb leather stretch. 
ABOUT Eugène
Eugène presents himself as being 20 to 30 years old, depending on the need and where he is located. Described as an inspired skater, late-night painter and lover of crafts, he has already passed almost half his life in French boot makers workshops.